Friday, January 28, 2011

What? School? What am I doing?

Before Colton was in the picture I was a full time student, super motivated to finish school so I can get a well paying job and make lots of MONEY.  Ya okay- since becoming a mommy my feelings have changed.  I have been going to school part time, but really- I don't even want to do that. 
When it comes down to it I would much rather stay home and play with Colton all day instead of go to school.  I hate having to actually leave the house at a certain time every week and I really hate having to work my schedule around school.  Opps can't go to that play date because mommy has to go to school.

But here is was REALLY killed it for me-  I heard there was a social media class so I decided to go to the advisor and talk to them about getting into some classes that actually INTEREST me.  And well, since I have been running Jessica Loves to Save Money I have a new found love in blogging and well I want to be successful at it.

The LOVELY advisor tells me I can look up the classes on the Registeration and that isn't what they do anymore... well I am sorry if you can't help me find some classes to take than what the heck IS you job?  No one seems to be able to give me a nice little list of classes-- so I registered for umm Geology and Geography-- oh ya, that's it those are classes I am interested in!

So here is the thing- why am I even going to school.  I am just wasting money because it is apparent that this University doesn't offer anything that can help me with what I am REALLY interested in.  UGh-- I am so fustrated.