Friday, April 30, 2010

Today was THE day.

Today is THE day I have been waiting 22.5 years for.  Today is the day that changed my life.  Ya really, it is.  Not in the way like getting married or having a baby changes your life- but in a different way.  I have had a large birthmark (on my left arm, most of my back, a little on my chest, and from just below my knee down on my leg).  I am really wishing I had taken "before" pictures- but I really didn't think about it. 

Dr. only did a portion of my birthmark today.  He said he wanted to see I responded to the laser.  He did my upper arm and upper back today. 

First, it was not exactly the best feeling in the world- it hurt.  When Dr did my arm he had the laser on a 6, and that didn't really hurt at all, but when he did my back, he bumped it up to a 7 and that hurt pretty bad.  He finished up with a 6.5 on the rest of my back.  (I really have no idea what these numbers mean- other than a 7 hurt worse than a 6). 

Right after, it was really "stingy" and the spots were raised- and I have just been told the spots are called purpura.  I have been putting ice on the purpura all day, and it helps.  Right now I feel like I have a really bad sunburn. 

The purpura will last for up to 2 weeks and I will be ready for another treatment in 3-4 weeks.  I can't wait to see what it looks like when the purpura fades- and even with how painful it was, I am looking forward to the next treatment, I know (or at least I hope) with every treatment, my birthmark will get lighter and lighter and smaller and smaller. 

In case you would like to see, pics of "after" the treatment:  (these were immediately after so I am swallen)

You can clearly see the difference between the 7 (on back) and 6 (on arm),  I am hoping that with a little better pain management that I can have it all done with a 7 next time. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Colton Stands!

It seems like Colton is doing new things everyday now!  Today he crawled over the couch, and pulled himself up to stand!  AND AND AND... I got it on video!  Not because I knew he was going to do this, but because he playing on the floor making the cutest sound :-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

mall monday

I had the best time today with my playgroup at the mall :)  coltonColton was so good and after the playdate, we went shopping and he fell asleep.  what a sweet heart he is.  I'm definitely looking forward to Wednesday's playdate.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Colton's 9 Month Check up was Today :-)

He is getting so big! 
Here are the "stats" from his 9 Month Check up:
Height: 28.5 inches (75%)
Weight: 20.14 lbs (50%)
Head Circumfrence 48.5 cm (which is huge)
Chest Circumfrence 48 cm
Temp: 98.2 F

He is FINALLY normal and not in the 90th% (or higher)! 

Dr. D gave me some advice on getting him to sleep through the night, and well I tried it and an hour later he is sleeping, but I am wide awake :-) 

I can take the crying, but Adam can't-- so it is hard to "stay tough" when someone is telling you to go and get him up and rock him.  He absolutely would not back to sleep, so after an hour of going in and trying to soothe him- I got him up, changed him, fed him and he is sleeping like a baby now :-)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Colton is CRAWLING!!

My Little Guy is a crawler now!!  I just can't believe it!  He has been "mobile" for about a month now, scooting himself where he wants to go.  But now he is belly up off the ground, crawling where he wants to go!  I am so proud of him :-D

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Colton's First Easter

Wow!  What a busy day!  First, look how nice Adam and Colton look for Easter :-) 

We started out a little late, as usual, but we made it to church!  Colton is getting to the age that he can't sit through the entire service so smart daddy took him to one of the Sunday School rooms instead of the Nursery so Colton would not be exposed to all the germs from the other kids :-) 

Than we went to Grandma Marlene's and Grandpa Ken's for Easter Lunch with Adam's family.  Colton really enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt!  And Myleigh helped him find some eggs too :-)

(and of course that wasn't our only stop) NEXT we went to my Aunt Cindy's for Easter Dinner with my family.  It would be nice if it really were Easter "dinner" but really it was lunch.  Adam's family had Easter at 1 PM and my family had it at 2 PM... lovely right? 

THAN after that, we went to my mom's so Colton could get his Easter presents from Grandma Melissa and Grumpy Ron.  He got a lot of really nice presents for Easter but I was especially excited about the Recordable book from my mom. 

It is so nice that he somewhat knows what is going on now.  :-)