Monday, February 8, 2010

dear colton,
wow!! today you were 7 months old! you are getting so big, and so cute! I love you Colton!
love, mom

well the lc, yevvon, advised me to give Colton his paci instead of getting him up and feeding him. he did go back to sleep with this method, but he woke up several times. hopefully each night will get better:)

today I met my group member, Jamie at panera, colton tagged along. he was so cute. I just love his laugh and his smile. funny how when he smiles, everything seems to be okay again. he is the light of my life- the only thing that really matters. Colton was overall pretty good though. he just wanted to be held. :).

looking forward to amandas pampered chef party next monday!! can't wait!

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