Monday, December 28, 2009

Wow I actually have a blog

Well let me tell you a little bit about myself :-)
I have 2 great men in my life. I am a new (and young) mom of the SWEETEST baby boy, Colton Scott. And the wife of a wonderful husband, Adam- who LOVES being Colton's Daddy. I am enjoying motherhood A LOT and wouldn't change a single thing.

Right now I stay at home with Colton and babysit occassionally. Since I don't work I have to do everything I can to save money. I LOVE to find good deals and I use coupons on everything I can. I will post if I find an amazing deal :-) I hope I can help others find ways to save money too.
This Blog is going to be a combo about my life as a mommy and info about couponing.
Enjoy :-)

I spend my free time on thebump (hello fellow bumpies), scrapbooking, cleaning, couponing, and spending extra time with my Family. (and I guess now updating my blog)

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