Thursday, January 14, 2010

Colton had his shots today :-(

Well I posted earlier (via my phone) Colton's stats for the Pediatrician appointment today- but I just wanted to let you know the other important details. 

FIRST- Omg, who would have thought that little chunker would have weighed in at UNDER 20 LBS!!  I certainly didn't!  His little chubs were hanging off the side of the scale, it was so cute!  :-)  Adam is still saying he thinks the scale was wrong- I'm sure it was correct though. 
It is seriously such a relief that he is starting to slow down, he is now in the 85% for his age- which is much better than 95% and 94% like before ;-) 

I got the okay for juice- Dr. says he doesn't NEED it, but if I want to give him some variety, juice is okay.  Adam and I need to go to Target to get him a Nuby sippy cup (and another mesh feeder too) - I want him to try that cup first.  And Dr. also said he can start on the Stage 2 foods that have 2 ingredients (Apple/pear)- Colton tried AppleBlueberry today, and LOVED IT!  YAY!  for new foods :-)

My mom taught Colton to "cough" last week- and yesterday she babysat so now he is "coughing" all the time.  Of course he wouldn't cough for the nurse today.  Why don't babies perform on conmand!  LOL. 

Just yesterday and today, Colton has started to really be able to balance himself sitting up.  I still can't leave his side while he is sitting up, but I have a feeling that day is coming very soon!

My little man is really growing up :-(/ :-)

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