Monday, January 25, 2010

Plaster Hand Print Today

Oh Boy!  Colton just didn't understand LOL.  But I did get 1 okay hand print-  he kept trying to "grab" the plaster.  What a cutie!  lol.  I think his favorite part was washing his hands in the sink afterwards.  He has never done that before so he was trying to play in the water. 
Of course he had the plaster everywhere so washing hands wasn't good enough- he had to have another bath!  But we had a good time making it!  I will definitely have him do it again on his 1st Birthday!  Maybe than he will understand a little better. 

Colton is starting to "scoot" around while he is laying on his belly- he can easily move in circle and roll from tummy to back.  Which he did SO many times today LOL. 

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